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Style File–Red White and Blue Wear


Fourth of July is just one week away – do you have your outfits ready? For today’s STYLE FILE we’re looking back at my five favorite Red, White and Blue outfits that I’ve made for my girls.

Handmade Clothing by Daydream Believers Designs www.daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Handmade Clothing by Daydream Believers Designs www.daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Handmade Clothing by Daydream Believers Designs www.daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Handmade Clothing by Daydream Believers Designs www.daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Handmade Clothing by Daydream Believers Designs www.daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Clearly, I love gingham, ha!  Have a great week! xx M

Real Life Real Sewing Tour


I am delighted to be a part of the Real Life, Real Sewing blog tour today.   If you are new to my blog, welcome! Daydream Believers, The Blog is where my love for life, fashion, and DIY come together. Inspired by the littlest dreamers, I strive to create a joyful childhood for my kids and hope to inspire you to do the same. I started blogging six years ago when I founded my company, Daydream Believers Designs.

Daydream Believers Designs was founded on the belief that every child has a one of a kind spirit that should be celebrated and that every child's wardrobe should be a reflection of their personalities; unique, original and wonderful! Through Daydream Believers Designs, I offer quality, handcrafted clothing and goods for children. I believe that creating for those you love is good for your soul; I’m here to share how I do it, so you can do it too! xx
2016-06-10 12.03.06
On to the interview!
Roxanne asks: “What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?” 
Typically, I like to create pieces that suit my design aesthetic, so I look for patterns by independent designers that match what I am looking for. I enjoy making ‘60’s style patterns as that is a decade I am particularly drawn to. Sometimes, I’m drawn to a fabric, so I’ll start with the fabric, then create a garment that suits the purpose.

“Is there anything you would like to do differently when selecting projects?”
I’d like to start looking for/selecting projects for myself and for my boy. I recently made him this cape, and he was SO pleased! He enthusiastically wears it and is so proud that I made it for him. I’d like to work on creating everyday, grow-with-me-pieces for my little guy.

“What is your most used/worn sewing project?
Over the years, I’ve joyfully created many well-loved garments for my girls – I don’t even know how to choose one as the most worn! My girls wear handmade (almost) everyday! You can see LOADS of photos from our everyday adventures on my instagram page. An all time favorite handmade set are the flower girl dresses that I created for my girls to wear in my dear friends wedding. I designed each pattern myself and made both dresses from chiffon, lace and satin. The delicate fabrics were challenging, but in the end, incredibly worth it.

 “Do you have a project that you thought would be worn frequently, but wasn’t”
A few years back, Vivian chose to be a unicorn for Halloween. She was on a unicorn-kick, so I designed her costume with the intention that she could wear it again for dress up play. Unfortunately, Halloween was very rainy (and muddy!) and after all the trick-or-treating fun – her costume was drenched in mud and unsalvageable.

 “What is your favorite quote that applies to sewing for real life?
Create the things you wish existed <3
sewing quote on daydreambelieversdesigns.com

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to share? You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media. You can also win one of two $25 gift cards. More details at Sew 20.
Be sure to visit the other participants on this tour!

Mermaid Birthday Party at Home


My sweet niece recently turned FIVE! We celebrated her special day with a fabulous mermaid party. Here are a few snapshots from the party to inspire your next under-the-sea shindig.
Ideas for hosting a Mermaid Theme Birthday Party   fun easy summer beach mermaid themed snacks and crafts for kids under the sea birthday party
DIY crab candies - SO fun for an under the sea - mermaid birthday party. ON Daydream Believers Easy party food for a mermaid pirate under the sea kids birthday party
These themed snacks were EASY to make! The little crab candies are my fav!
Little Girls Mermaid Birthday Cake Under The Sea
The gorgeous cake was created by Sweet Nothings Bakery, Wyandotte MIdiy mermaid party photo booth prop and backdrop
The photo area was simple crepe paper twisted and taped to the wall. The mermaid photo prop was handpainted by my dad.
DIY Sunshine from crepe paper for beach mermaid partydiy mermaid party decorationsdiy mermaid under the sea fish party decorations

Kids Scavenger Hunt Party Activity 
Party games included a limbo, lots of dancing, and a scavenger hunt. The kids LOVED the scavenger hunt! I simply wrote out the clues onto the crab cutouts (from Dollar Tree) and my sister hid them just before the start of the party. The kids ranged from 2-8 and all enjoyed running around the house and hunting for the treasure.
2016-05-15 13.23.16

This fun party came together in one week’s time – and was very budget friendly! I had fun collaborating with my mom and sister to put this special day together. You can check out our shared Pinterest board, with loads of Mermaid party inspiration, here. If you have any questions/want more party details, just comment below.



5 things to know when considering homeschool

In my personal life, I am often asked about homeschooling. Most people are curious and just want to know how it works. But sometimes, the person asking is on their own journey trying to seek out if homeschooling is the best option for their family. I’ve been in that place and I understand how overwhelming it can be! So today, I want to share five things that I tell people who are considering homeschool.

1.  Homeschooling is life changing. It is a huge commitment that will have a profound impact on you and your children; on your relationships, on your lifestyle, and on your family’s future.

2.  You can do it! You are qualified to homeschool your children if you are committed, patient, flexible, and organized. If you love reading to your children, love seeing them learn new things and love exploring with them. If you are serious about the commitment and have a good understanding of WHY you are home educating; then you can do this! No one will be more invested in your child’s success than you!

3.  Homeschool is not conventional (but that is ok!)  Educating and caring for our children can not (and should not) be a “one-size-fits-all” program.  Each child learns differently and we need to respect and nurture them in a personalized way. There are MANY ways that families can home educate!  You will need to find out what works best for your family.

4.  You will spend a lot of time with your kids. A lot. It is imperative to find a balance between teacher, parent, and independent person.  People talk often about socialization of home educated children; I’m telling you to consider how isolating a path of home education can be if you try to go at it on your own. You need people! Your spouse/family need to support this lifestyle. You need to find a local homeschool social group and/or co-op where you and your children can socialize with people who “get it” and can help you along the way.

5.  I want you to know, homeschool may not work for you. I am a firm believer in the uniqueness of each family and that we are not all called to the exact same thing. For us, at this time, homeschool is the best fit for our family.  For you, maybe that is homeschool, maybe it is public school, or a private school. Perhaps a University Model or a Waldorf Montessori. Whichever you decide, I want you to know that you are the best person to make the decision of how to educate your children. Do your research, talk to people, explore your options, then trust your decision. I encourage you, as you are considering homeschool, to focus on what is best for your family.


Summer ‘16 Sale


Quick shop update – I have FIVE pieces from the red,white, blue upload still available! Each one is a ONE OF A KIND – which means, your sweet girl will be the only one in the world to own this special piece!

The •Anchor's Away Swing Dress• is Ready to ship in size 12/18 m.
Daydream Believers Designs nautical knit bodice dress

The •I heart America Swing Dress• is ready to ship in size 12/18m
Daydream Believers Designs knit bodice sundress

Size 2/3 ELLE skirt
Daydream Believers Designs boho summer skirt

Size 4/5 ELLE skirt
2016-05-26 18.13.40

Size 8/10 ELLE skirt
Daydream Believers Designs classic seersucker skirt

All five pieces can be purchased HERE

Summer ‘16 Small Shop Love


Summer is here! I’ve once again teamed up with some fabulous small shop owners to bring you a GREAT roundup of companies & products you will LOVE! I hope you will check out all of their shops/pages and find a few new favs! Today, let’s start with, THE shop for stylish kids clothing-

Daydream Believers ;)

day dream believers

Y’all know  DB is all about Timeless Fashion for Modern Dreamers! If you’re a new fan (HI! Welcome!)  Daydream Believers Designs offers gorgeous, handcrafted clothing for all occasions. Summer is all about sweet skirts and twirly dresses! Check out the SS ’16 catalog here!

Next up is Airabella Actve -

Style File. A Birthday Outfit Retrospective


Sweet Viv Elaine turned seven this week. Seven! My precious girl is pure JOY! Everyone who knows and loves her will tell you the same. She is a blessing to us all.

Vivian was a baby when I started sewing. Her first birthday outfit was the first design I posted in my Etsy shop, and the first piece I ever sold! For today’s STYLE FILE – I’m sharing personal photos from each of Vivian’s birthdays. It’s a joy to know my girl has celebrated all of her birthdays in a mama-made outfit!

Ladybug First Birthday Outfit by Daydream Believers DesignsIce Cream Social Birthday Outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsFancy Tea Party Garden Party Birthday Outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsHandmade Butterfly Birthday Dress by Daydream Believers DesignsPink and Purple Unicorn Birthday Tutu outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsTropical Mermaid Luau Birthday Dress Handmade by Daydream Believers Designs
Luau Birthday Dress for Girls by Daydream Believers Designs

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