My wildest dreams coming true!

I am overjoyed and humbled by the response my chemo cap tutorial has received! THANK YOU to everyone who has shared the link and spread the word about this tutorial! Special thanks to Anne at the fantastic Craft Gossip who featured the tutorial on the Craft Gossip Website as well as in the daily newsletter.

While I am honored by the feature, and in awe of the fact that the tutorial has been so well received; I am most grateful for the wonderful people who have taken the time to write to me and share their personal stories. I truly appreciate your emails and comments! I feel so blessed to have been presented with this opportunity to help others and am so grateful that through this experience I have had the opportunity to "meet" some truly incredible people!

Hearing from real people; cancer survivors, MS patients, ladies with alopecia, friends and family members of cancer patients, and some truly incredible people who while not directly affected have chosen to use this tutorial to make caps for those in need – has been a surreal experience for me! The response is so much more than I had ever dreamed possible - I am filled with joy and more inspired than ever! I am flattered by the kind words of gratitude so many of you have written to me in response to this tutorial, and am truly humbled to know that something I have written is being shared on websites, blogs and forums all around the world.
What an amazing experience!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

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