Thanksgiving Dresses 2010 * Upcycled knits

Here's a look at the sweet little dresses I made for Miss I and Miss V to wear on Thanksgiving-


I love, love, LOVE to refashion! These upcycled dresses were both made using a few of my maternity tops and one of the hubs' old t-shirts. The total cost for both dresses = $0! LOVE that! ;)

{From This}

{To These!}

I *heart* Miss V's sweet little dress with the funky turkey applique' - perfect for my lil gobbler! ;) I handmade the applique using bits of fabric from my scrap-bin.

For Miss I's dress, I followed Little Blue Boo's Sienna Dress Pattern.
It was my first time using a pattern and was SUPER easy to follow. I think it turned out cute.

Two soft, cozy, completely unique dresses for two sweet little ladies!

P.S. Sorry for the lame little models are napping.  Maybe I should ask Santa for a dress form?! ;)

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