Miss I's Pirate Princess Outfit

Last weekend, my daughter Miss I*, had a great time celebrating
her friend Emma’s 3rd birthday! 
Emma’s mom is Jes of {Parapluie Modern Events}
Jes sent out fabulous, hand painted, treasure map invitations
asking all the little party guests to wear pirate or princess attire;
it was fun to see so many little pirates & princesses!
Here is the outfit I made for Miss I* -

I made the hand cut Jolly Roger appliqué out of black and white
“pirate” striped fabric. To keep the shirt girly, I embellished the
appliqué with a red glitter face and a large, red chiffon bow.

I made Miss I*’s bright red pettiskirt for Christmas
and she LOVES to wear it! I just love those frills!

I layered the pettiskirt over a pair of black leggings that I
embellished with black and white “pirate” striped ruffle cuffs!
{I heart the way the cuffs turned out!} ;)

I hand sewed the sparkly princess crown to the front of the skirt
to make the outfit a little more “fancy” and princess like!
We accessorized with a black marabou feather puff, a red
chiffon bow, and black Converse All-Stars! :)

Here’s my little pirate in action!
I LOVE a themed party!
Such a fun day! :)


  1. ADORABLE! Great job :o) Themed bday parties are fun!

  2. Such a fun outfit...perfect for dressing up again and again. Well done, mama.


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