The Snow Fairy Tutu

Now available in the Daydream Believer Shop -
The Snow Fairy Tutu
Made of nearly 100 yards of soft, fluffy, white tulle, this
Daydream Believer style tutu features an elastic waistband
and an extra long 14 inch length –
Resulting in a BEAUTIFUL, very full, very awesome tutu! :)
Perfect for winter birthdays or pageants!
Classic and sweet for weddings or special occassions!

The Snow Fairy tutu comes adorn with a shiny white
and silver ribbon sash {crystal pin, not included} ;)
Order yours today by visiting The Daydream Believer Shop!


  1. Gorgeous...I wish my daughter was younger!

  2. This looks like a skirt I saw on a really fancy party dress! Love it!
    Amie @


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