To infinity and beyond!

This last week at Daydream Believers has been all about the
Boys and ALL about Buzz Lightyear! :) 4 of the 5 projects I
was working on were for boys; and 3 of those 4 were
Buzz Lightyear inspired! :) So fun!
This B.L. shirt is for one of my favorite little guys, Jaiden;
he is going to see Toy Story on Ice and his Mumma
wanted to surprise him with a special shirt! Isn't that sweet?!
I love the Buzz Lightyear Rocket ship! :)
Superstar action!
Little Space Ranger Patch!
Buzz Lightyear/Super Jaiden Logo!
I hope he loves it! :)

A few weeks ago I showed you a custom Buzz Lightyear
birthday shirt I made for Jose {featured here} -Jose's
mom requested a custom "mommy" shirt to
match his custom birthday shirt - SO fun!
Here is the sweet set I made for her -
Mod-Mommy-Buzz Lightyear shirt with matching
hair flower! :)
Jose is such a lucky lil' guy! He is also getting this set
of super-cool Buzz Lightyear Crayon Rolls! :)

Ready to color - to infinity and beyond! ;)
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  1. So cute! I'm still thinking of making one for my nephew. His birthday party is all Buzz.

  2. I love these. My grandsons aren't quite old enough to be into Toy Story yet, but I will remember these!

  3. this is just too cool.


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