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Happy Monday! :) How was your weekend? Ours was pretty crazy! We knew it was going to be a busy one, graduation party, bridal shower, volunteering at a community clean up project, sewing time, a family dinner… just a normal busy weekend.
We did not anticipate a random plumbing problem destroying our bathroom.
There was water everywhere.
Floors ruined.
Moulding ruined.
Bath toys, towels, and our spare tp stash, ruined.
So NOT Cool!
Once the plumbing issue was fixed, Hubs and I (with both girls) found ourselves navigating our  way through Lowes late on Saturday night deciding on new floors. We decided that night, that since we had to change the floors, we might as well change the paint, and the trim, and the vanity mirror…you can see where this is going! So our weekend plans quickly changed; the bridal shower was missed, the family dinner postponed, and no sewing was done. As I write this, our bathroom is completely torn apart and receiving a full makeover (which, I admit, is kinda fun… I just wish it wasn’t inspired by the great flash-flood of 2011) ;)  Oh well, what can you do?

I had hoped to have some Fall 2011 previews to show you, but alas, no photos were edited this weekend either (sorry ya’ll!) – But, here’s a peek at some of the projects that have left my studio recently! :)

These chic banners were ordered for a Wedding Shower-
custom bridal shower banners  
The black and white glitter is my favorite :) LOVE bridal shower banner
This sweet cowboy bunting is headed to Texas for a birthday celebration-
Cowboy birthday banners
I do believe my favorite custom this month was Ella's Birthday Outfit :) SO fun!
skating party birthday girl outfit This sweet headband was crafted for a recent grad :)
handmade flower headbandI used it to embellish her wrapped gift in place of a bow. She loved it! :)
using a hair band to wrap a present  

I love this sweet little .25 cent dress I made for Miss V*
One too-small onesie {purchased for a quarter from a mom-2-mom sale}
+ some rad black and white fabric {gifted to me from a friend}
= one adorable little playdress!
.25 play dressCan't beat a .25 cent dress! :)

My crafty-to-do-list is SO full! We hope to have our little remodeling project done today so I can be back to sewing for Fall, tomorrow!  Yea! :)

SO, what have you been working on?

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