A Fabulous Pink and Orange 6th Birthday Outfit

I love my "job" :)
It is seriously fun to design and create fabulous outfits for sweet kids to wear;
especially when the outfits are for extra special occasions, like birthdays!
This sweet outfit is for sweet Miss Ella -

Ella is turning 6 and celebrating with a roller skating birthday party!

Her mom suggested the bright neon colors, but gave me complete
design control, telling me to "design whatever I would have my own girls wear"
Seriously - that is music to a designer's ears! ;)

Here is the look with Full-Fabulous-Birthday styling!

Ruffle Shirt with Removable Glitter Birthday Badge

Orange Ruffle Skirt over a Prima Ballerina style tutu in Bubble Gum Pink

Sweet 5 inch, polka dot printed, pinwheel style hair bow.


  1. That is seriously adorable!! You wouldn't happen to do those in a smaller size with, say, Abby Cadabby colors?

  2. Way too cute! I love the birthday badge!

  3. What a lucky little diva this 6 year old is!!!!

  4. Love the rosette! Come see my Bastille Day rosette! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What an adorable outfit!!! I love the birthday badge. :)

  6. That is so creative. I'm lovin the colors and that ADORABLE skirt!

  7. Oh my!! That is just too stinkin' cute!

  8. OMG this is adorable.. i think im gonna need a girl...LOL


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