Let’s Spread A Little LOVE

Happy Monday my friends!
After a lot of reflection, I’ve decided to change things up a bit!
Don’t worry, it’s all good, I promise! ;)

Quite simply, I want to do more.
I want 2012 to be filled with more charity, more selflessness and more random acts of kindness.
I want to focus more on DOING and a little less on business.
The Daydream Believer Project is so important to me; I  know that God has given me the strength and abilities I need to perform awe-inspiring deeds – I look forward to working with YOU to change the world!

To kick off this beautiful new year – I’ve decided not to sell the “Birds of a Feather” Valentines Collection.
Instead – We’re all going to Spread A Little LOVE!

I have 10 pieces, one of each size starting at 6/12 months and going up to 7/8.
A few of the pieces are clearly "Valentines" - but the majority can be worn after v-day too!
I love 'em all – and I want to GIVE THEM to deserving girls!

Yep, I am giving them away.
Rather, WE are giving them away!
I want ya’ll to help me Spread A Little LOVE this season!

Seriously, what is better than putting a smile on someone’s face?
How AWESOME will it be to send a sweet little lady a *surprise* package of Daydream Believers loveliness?
I am SO EXCITED just thinking about it!

Here’s what I want you to do- Send me an email nominating someone to receive one of these packages!
Whose day would you like to brighten?
Who do you know that would LOVE to receive a special Valentines’ Day outfit?

In your email, please include the child’s full name, address, and size.
If you want to share why you selected them, that would be great too! :)
To be considered, you MUST include a full name, address & size! (US addresses only, please)
I will keep the nominations open until we have matched each piece with a recipient (or until February 1 – since I want to make sure the packages get to the lucky little ladies before Valentines day!) 
Please email your nominations to daydreambelieverproject@gmail.com
UPDATE - Nominations are now closed. THANK YOU to everyone who sent in an email! I appreciate all of your support! We have matched each piece with a recipient and are no longer accepting nominations. The response to this campaign was AWESOME! I will do my best to respond to each and every email! THANK YOU!  Best, Michelle


  1. Girl, you have GOT to get on twitter :) I love this idea - and as soon as I can grab my address book I'll have one {or two!!} for you :)

    Such a lovely heart you have!!

  2. That is awesome! I sent you an email!

  3. Newest follower via GFC via Michelle Fenton's FB page :)

    Great blog, hope to have you follow me back as well - http://momoftwo2011.blogspot.com



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