Spread a Little Love Recap

THANKS again  to everyone who sent in a nomination for Spread A Little Love!
Here’s a peek into the lovely packages we sent out -
spread the love campaign
Along with their custom outfits; each girl received some fun jewels & accessories

Each package was filled with pink, hearts, ribbons and frills :) Pure girly fun!

Speaking of pure girly fun, haha, SO my daughters LOVE that mumma makes clothes and sends them to girls all around the world! Whenever I’m sewing, they always ask a dozen questions about the little girl I’m sewing for – they want to know her name, how old she is, where we’re mailing the package too… it’s super sweet! They think each one of my clients are their friends and they will often color a special picture or write a little note for me to include and send to the little recipients of my clothes. :) Both of my girls were SO excited about Spread the Love! They told everyone they saw about our special surprise mission ;) I love that at such young ages they understand and enjoy spreading kindness. Anyways – they wanted to contribute to the Spread the Love packages, so I let them decorate the envelopes…
… oh yes, rainbows, unicorns, princesses, fairies… pure girly fun!

I hope all of the lucky little sweeties LOVED their special surprises! :)

Don’t ya just love making people smile? ;)

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