Tutorial: DIY Ribbon Wand

Welcome back to the Handcrafted Easter Event here at Daydream Believers! :)
If you missed yesterday’s project, just click here to learn how to make a chunky beaded necklace!
As you may know, I am the proud mumma of two very funny, very loving, very GIRLY little girls!
My little loves are 2 and 4 and the world is their playground! My hubs and I  try to surround our girls with JOY – we believe that life (especially childhood) should be enjoyed, not rushed through. Our house is filled with lots of music, lots of dancing and LOTS of laughter.  These easy-little ribbon wands add a touch of magic to our dance parties… my little queen bees love swirling them, dancing through them, and spinning as fast as they can while waving them!

These wands can be customized in SO many ways to best suit your little love!
Change up the colors, paint the base, vary the ribbon lengths… there are MANY options.

Here are the basics for making a DIY Ribbon Wand:

Wooden dowel rod (size 5/16” x 12”)
Screw eye
Split key ring
2 pieces of 1.5” wide ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
2 pieces of 1” wide ribbon, cut 5-6 feet long.
Sewing supplies (or glue) for securing ribbon (see step #2 for details)

(Optional… you may use ribbon (1/2 inch) or acrylic paint to cover your wooden dowel)

Prep Work:Cut all four ribbon pieces to be 5-6 feet long, finishing all ribbon edges by applying fray check or heat sealing with a lighter, to keep the ribbon from unraveling.

1.) Twist the screw eye into the top of the wooden dowel rod – twisting the screw eye all the way to the base.

2.) Layer one 1”in piece of ribbon over one 1.5” piece of ribbon – loop these two pieces through the key ring – sew to secure. I sew my pieces with a tight, straight, machine stitch – you could also hand sew or hot glue to secure. Repeat this step with the two remaining pieces of ribbon.
{Note: I used yellow contrasting thread for the purpose of this tutorial…when making these for gifts, you will want to use matching thread}

3.) Link the key ring to the split eye and you ribbon-dancer-wand is ready to GO!

If you make a ribbon wand using this tutorial I would LOVE to see!


  1. I actually have all these supplies and I think my girls need these made today :) Thanks for the easy tutorial!

  2. This is an awesome tutorial...and I am so inspired by your family's philosophy to let the kids enjoy this special time in their life to the fullest!

    Would love if you'd share this post and other fun on Teagan's Travels linky party going on now!


    Happy Easter, Michelle

  3. Wow, you must be the best mom in the world!! Any little girl would love these. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I love simple but elegant projects.

    Oh and I can't wait to see the pinwheel tutorial!

    I sure HOPE you'll share this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream to Reality!

  5. These are awesome! Love how sturdy they look :) I've seen these at Michaels and never buy them cuz I know I can make them, just that I never actually have! I actually have two boys, also ages two and four. Awesome ages :) I know they would love them too, I'll just have to use blue and green instead ;) Hope you have a great week!

  6. I love this tutorial! My daughters love these.

  7. Instead of sewing these - can I just tie the ribbons onto the key ring?

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