It’s a Nice day to start again

I’m happy to reveal the new and improved  Daydream Believers Designs blog!
Welcome Friends! I’m SO happy you are here! Smile

Earlier this week, my old site crashed and unfortunately, could not be revived.
The good news is that I was able to retrieve ALL of my old posts, tutorials and photos!
The bad news is that ALL of the links to the old site will now lead you to a 404 Sad smile

I’ll admit, I was frazzled for a few hours and disappointed when I realized all that I lost.
Hundreds of followers, Dozens of features and THOUSANDS of Pinterest Pins; all lost.
Boom! Just like that! After three years of blogging, I was bumped back to the starting line.

I took a deep breath.
I started the new site. 
I transferred over my old content.
I said quite a few prayers for patience
and I started again.
It’s a nice day to start again, wouldn’t you say? Smile

I’m so happy that you are here! I look forward to filling this new site with great new content and building the site up to be better than ever! I would love, love, LOVE it if y’all can help me spread the word about the new site!
header 7

Cheers for fresh starts and new beginnings!
xx M

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