Around these parts, October is a magical month! Filled with weekend trips to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Hay Rides, Cider Mills, and Costume Parties are staples on everyone’s calendars. Not to mention, that little ol’ tradition of TRICK OR TREATING! Walking the neighborhood with my friends and family, all decked out in costumes, hunting for treats is a classic childhood memory.

Today I’m sharing an EASY tutorial to create a GREAT Trick or Treat Tote for your little to use to gather their loot this season! This project is great for beginners and even easy enough for your kiddos to help make!  Cotton webbing for the handles adds to the bags durability, and Reflective Ribbon helps keep your little safer when they are out hunting in the dark!
Free Tutorial How to make a reflective trick or treat tote DIY instructions by daydream believers

To make this project *even easier* for you busy mummas, I’ve put together a limited quantity of DIY Kits! Everything you need to make one tote is in our Materials for Trick or Treat Tote Kit  available here in the shop.

Learn how to make your own Trick or Treat Tote, after the jump :)


There are MANY ways to make a tote bag! This tutorial demonstrates my go-to, 20 minute bag technique.

Supplies for one tote bag:
* DIY Trick or Treat Tote Kit from Daydream Believers Designs
1/2 Yard of d├ęcor-weight fabric
2 yards of 1-inch cotton webbing (available in tons of colors – choose one to compliment your fabric)
15 inches of Reflective Grosgrain Ribbon
Cotton thread to match your fabric


The DIY Details:

:: STEP ONE :: Begin by cutting your fabric panels and handles.
If you are using a DIY  Kit from DBD, you may skip this step, as your pieces are already cut & ready to go!
Cut two panels from the fabric, each panel should be 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide.
Cut two long pieces from the webbing, to become your handles. Each piece should be 22 1/2 inches long.
Free Tutorial from Daydream Believers How to Make a Reflective Tape Trick or Treat Bag supplies

:: STEP TWO:: Attach your Reflective Ribbon.
Chose one of your panels to be the front of your bag. Position your ribbon to be 3 inches from the top of the panel. Pin in place. Sew straight across the top and bottom of the ribbon – securing it to the fabric panel.
(You will have a small bit of ribbon “hanging over” on both sides of the panel, leave it there. You will trim it once your bag is sewn together)
Free Tutorial from Daydream Believers How to make a reflective Trick or Treat tote 2

:: STEP THREE :: Attach your handles.
Begin by pinning each handle piece to the top edge of the right side of each panel.
Position your handles to be 3-inches from each side.
The edges of the handles should match up with the raw edge of the top of the panel so the handles will be facing down as shown in the picture below. (Tip: Make sure your handles aren’t twisted!)
To attach your handles to your panels, sew a tight zig zag stitch across the very top of each panel*
(Alternatively: you can attach your handles by serging across the top of each panel with a serger)

 How to Make a Reflective Trick or Treat Tote Free Tutorial from Daydream Believers _handles

Next, flip the panels over so their wrong sides are facing up. Press and pin the top edge of each panel, with the handles down, 1 1/2-inches. Sew the fold a 1/4 inch from the top edge and then sew again with 1/4 inch from the bottom of the folded piece. Then, since these bags will *hopefully* be loaded with Snickers bars, reinforce the straps by sewing a simple X over each point where the strap meets the bag (four total)
instructions for making a reflective tape trick or treat tote _ free tutorial

:: STEP FOUR :: Sewing your tote together!
Line up your panel pieces, right sides together and sew along the sides and bottom, a 1/2-inch from the raw edges (Don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and end of each seam!) Be sure to enclose the reflective ribbon! Carefully, snip off the extra fabric from the bottom corners of the bag and any ribbon that passes the seam. (In the photo below, the Black lines = where to sew. Blue lines = where to snip)

Tutorial How to make a Reflective Trick or Treat Tote DIY Halloween(Black lines = where to sew. Blue lines = where to snip)

To finish the seams of your bag, zig zag stitch along the raw edges of the sides and bottom of the bag making sure to stitch right along the edge to contain the threads from the raw edges. (Alternative: Finish with a serger)

:: STEP Five:: Finish and Press your Tote!
The last step is to flip your back right side out and give it good hot press with your iron.
That’s it! Your Handmade Tote is ready to be filled up with your favorite treats!

 make your own reflective trick or treat bag easy diy tutorial from daydream believers designs

:: OPTIONAL STEP:: Embellishing your bag.
I created these totes using a simple canvas cloth; making them the perfect for embellishing!
Let your little one personalize his/her own tote using fabric paint, fabric markers, fabric ink & stamps, iron on appliques, sequins, gems, ruffles… this project is a great way to let your little express their creative side!
Here’s a peek at a tote that I made for my Niece – embellished with trim, fabric & ribbon :)
2013-10-06 20.44.29

For your convenience, I have put together a material kit that includes ALL the supplies you need to make one Trick or Treat Tote, as shown in this tutorial! All pieces are prepped and ready to sew! Buy Yours HERE

If you use this tutorial to create a tote  – I would LOVE to feature YOU on the blog!
Please share a picture on the DBD Facebook Page or post it on insta with #dbd.

This tutorial is for personal use only. Please do not sell pieces created with this tutorial for profit.
Please DO use this tutorial and make fabulous Trick or Treat Totes for all your favorite littles!

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