STYLE FILE FRIDAY :: Halloween Edition

Hello Lovelies! I hope you and your little ghouls had a blast yesterday!
Our Halloween was SO much fun! It was WINDY and RAINY – but we didn’t let the weather slow us down!
My little loves hunted with the best of ‘em and we have the Halloween Hangovers to prove it!
*Halloween Hangover = the feeling of exhaustion that follows a night of costume wearing and candy eating.
Thankfully, I was able to dress the girls in their costumes and take some photos of them earlier in the month, when the weather was still lovely; so I have a few shots to share of my DIY Tooth Fairy and Unicorn costumes.

First Up, The Tooth Fairy
diy tooth fairy costume handmade halloween by daydream believers designs
Iyla is wearing a Prima-Ballerina style tutu from Daydream Believers Designs that I embellished with strands of glittery ribbon, tiny glitter “teeth” made from sheets of glitter foam, and a large, iridescent “tooth”. The Prima Ballerina Tutu is ultra full, and completely lined; making it PERFECT for layering on Halloween! I paired the tutu with a glammed-up Audrey Top in white knit with LOADS of pink chiffon ruffles, and accessories from Wishcraft.

Vivian’s unicorn was created, in detail, from the sketch that she designed for this costume.
It was a BLAST to bring her vision to life!
diy unicorn costume handmade halloween from daydream believers designs
Her warm & comfy romper was an original dbd design – featured wide legs and full length sleeves. This romper may be my new go-to-base for costumes! Bunny? Dog? Cat? Monster? Next year, I’ve got ya covered! ;) Per her instructions, V’s suit was embellished with big ruffles and glitter trim. Because unicorns totally have fancy glittery hooves, right? ;) Her looong pink mane was handsewn down her back and looked awesome when she galloped around. Both the mane and unicorn horn were purchased from Wishcraft and jazzed up a bit with glitter spray.

The best choice of costume this year has to go to my mom though; she chose “It’s raining cats and dogs” and it was a perfect choice for a rainy Halloween! If you ever need a quick diy costume – this one is ADORABLE!
quick diy halloween costume how to make its raining cats and dogs costume last minute handmade halloween by daydream believers designs

It was a fun night! Here’s a snapshot of my crew
Halloween Family 2013
Our Family, 2013: The Unicorn, Scarecrow, Cuddle Monster, Tooth Fairy and Bandit.

Did you dress up? What did your littles wear? Leave a comment telling me about your Halloween and I will draw a name from the comments on Sunday and someone will win a $5 gift card to the DBD Shop! xx

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  1. Well we have finally set our Halloween plans in motion. The family this year are going to be characters from Toy Story. Seeing as Luke and Isabel enjoy it so much. We may also be including extra family members to play roles as well. Cant wait to get started!

    1. I LOVE it! Toy story is a favorite around here too! Iyla's first choice this Halloween is Jessie; but now she is considering being a pirate because she lost a tooth and "Jessie can't be toothless" ha! 😂 Can't wait to see your costumes!


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