As I write this post, it is –13 degrees outside, the “real feel” is a bone-chilling –46 degrees!
NEGATIVE FOURTY SIX DEGREES! That is C.O.L.D even for a mid-western mumma like myself!
Thankfully, with homeschooling the kids, I have been able to stay indoors and admire the 12+ inches of snow near the warmth of our blazing fireplace. Our cozy wardrobes are all about fleece leggings, wool socks, and soft sweatshirts. Unfortunately, plain sweatshirts do not appeal to my Vivian’s sense of 4-year-old-fancy style. I’m sure she would love a sweatshirt covered in sequins (I know I would!) but I can’t justify spending $150 on a sweatshirt for a four year old. So, to keep my girl warm and cozy while not compromising her sense of fashion; I’ve been letting her help me embellish her winter wear.  Sequins to plain sweaters, tulle bows on plain cotton tops, and ruffles to plain ol’ zip-up hoodies that I scored for less than $5 at Target. ;)

Cute, right?
As soon as we finished this jacket, Viv put it on and hasn’t taken it off yet.. which makes me SO happy!
I love making my kids clothes that they love, don’t you? It is the best thanks a crafty mumma can get!

Want to make an adorable ruffle hoodie for you gal?  Or for YOURSELF?!

Here’s the scoop:
You will need one plain zip-up-hoodie, knit fabric, sewing machine and lots of pins.
The amount of knit fabric that you will need for your ruffles will vary depending on the size of your jacket. For this size 5t jacket, I used less than 1/2 yard.

Step One: Start by cutting your fabric for the ruffle. We are using knit fabric which won’t fray – so we won’t have to finish the edges (yay!) simply cut two pieces of knit, 4 inches wide by your desired length. You want your pieces to be atleast 2 times the length of your jacket measuring up the length of the zipper. (For my size 5 hoodie, the length was 13 inches, so I cut two pieces each 30 inches long for a nice, full ruffle)

Step Two: Create your ruffles. To create your ruffles, Adjust your machine to a straight stitch, in the longest stitch length available. Then loosen your top thread tension all the way. Once your machine is set, simply sew two parallel lines down the side of your strip, leaving long threads at the ends. Then find the bottom (bobbin) threads - and pull them with one hand, while gently pushing your fabric away from them with the other hand. That’s it! (Be sure to change your machine settings back to normal once you’ve finished!)

Step Three: Using a zig-zag stitch, sew your ruffled fabric right onto your hoodie. I just followed along the edge of the zipper placket to create a nice straight line. That’s all! Pretty easy, right?
how to make a ruffle hoodie in just three steps free easy diy tutorial
((Editors Note: Please don’t mind the pink fabric in the middle, just pretend it is the heart fabric, thanks!))

Suggested Fabrics for this Project:
fabric suggestions from daydream believers
All fabrics shown are available at Girl CharleeClick to Shop Girl Charlee Fabrics


I LOVE to see what you create! If you make a ruffle hoodie using this tutorial, PLEASE share some pics!
Add #daydreambelieversdesigns to your instagram pictures :: or post a pic to the facebook page
so we can all check out the loveliness you create!

This tutorial is for personal use only. Please do not sell pieces created with this tutorial for profit.
Please DO use this tutorial and make rad ruffle hoodies for all of your favorite queen bees! xx

*Update* The bow on the zipper was created by taking a 4 inch scrap of knit and knotting it on to the zipper


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