Happy Valentines Day!
I’m up early, feeding the baby and enjoying the quite snuggles that come along with early morning feedings. Hubs is at work,  the girls are still sleeping and for an hour a day, it’s just me and Ethan. I talk to him and pray over him. He loves the attention and in return gives me the best smiles, cuddles, and babbles of the day. It’s a sweet way to start my day and I’m grateful for that.

Tell me, how are you spending your Valentines Day?
I treat the girls to a Fancy breakfast each year (tiara’s encouraged, but not required)
In years past we’ve had heart shaped pancakes, waffles with heart shaped strawberries, omelets filled with red peppers and pink kielbasa served with heart shaped biscuits and strawberry jam… it’s a total glitter fest! We use (ahem) “fancy” printed paper plates: you know the ones from Target, with the hearts/glitter/ya-ya on them that the kids think are SOOO beautiful; yep, on Valentines Day we buy ‘em and the matching cups too.

In the past, I’ve made all the food and set up all the decorations ahead of time. But this year I’m changing it up just a bit. My girls, especially Vivian, LOVE to be the hostess. They love cooking and enjoy putting together serving displays. So today I’m going to let them help me prepare and serve breakfast. They will think it’s awesome and I will enjoy the hilarity of my kids in the kitchen. Tell me – do your kids act like they’re hosting a cooking show every time they prepare a dish? Or is it just mine?

Iyla (who is 6) told us yesterday that “Valentines Day is the day we show the world the love we have in our hearts for our family, our friends, and for God by being kind and doing nice things for each other”
Yep, totally melted my heart. That kid, she’s a smart one! So after breakfast, we’re going to perform some Random Acts of Kindness to spread a little love on this special day.

How about you? What are your Valentines Plans?
Are your little ones wearing anything special today?

I’d LOVE it if you’d post pictures of your Valentines Day!
You can blog about your day and link it up in the comments, or go ahead and post away on the Daydream Believers Facebook Page. To thank you for sharing, I’ll give away a db gift card (or 2!)
I can’t wait to hear about your day!
Be well!
xx M

ps. It’s against blog-law to publish a long babbling post and not include a photo.
Please enjoy this random iPhone picture of sweet Ethan. xx
Ethan iPhone Feb

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  1. Such a fun day :) We were supposed to head to my cousins house, but with all the snow we ended up staying home instead and had a low key family day!


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