DIY Dinosaur Fossil Cookies (…kinda)

When sweet Ethan was born he enjoyed cooing out in a way that can best be described as a faint roar, like a little baby dinosaur. With his skinny arms and naturally spiky hair; we affectionately nicknamed him Rex. He turned One last weekend, and his nickname still suits him perfectly.

In celebration of E’s first birthday, we held a dinosaur-themed BBQ. I have some fun dino-party ideas and some party pictures to share with you soon; but first, I had to show y’all my DIY Dinosaur Fossil Cookies!

I had this idea, use a toy dinosaur to imprint dino footprints onto cookies. I envisioned it working like the criss-cross marks you make on peanut butter cookies, you know what  I mean? Right. So, I started with a package of pre-made sugar cookies (no judgment please), a toy dinosaur with a great “foot”, and a mini muffin pan.
(I chose the muffin pan so the cookies would hold a shape, and because tiny muffin cookies are cute)
image (32)
First I rolled the dough into a ball. Then I pushed the dino foot, ever-so-gently, into the dough.
image (34)

Boom! Awesome looking “fossil” cookie – right? I was so pumped!

image (33)

I continued this process for two dozen cookies and popped the tray into the oven.

image (36)

15 minutes later…

image (37)

The awesome-fossil-cookies were nothing more than mini-muffin cookies with smushed tops.
Boo! The morale of the story: Not every DIY idea is a good one! Ha!

I’d love to hear about your craft-baking fails! Share ‘em here or email me


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