America The Beautiful

America! America! God Shed His Grace on Thee!
(America The Beautiful)

We had a beautiful weekend celebrating Independence Day! We kicked off the festivities by taking the kids to their first ever Fourth of July Parade; such a great way to start the weekend! It was HOT and Sunny, so after the parade we headed home and spent the next 48 hours swimming, reading, and eating; it was perfect! The kind of weekend you just unplug from work, put down the phones and just chill. Here are just a few photos from before/at the Parade
Fourth of July 2014 Parade Pictures _ What to wear to the Fourth of July Parade

The girls wore coordinating outfits that I made them and looked SO cute! We had a mini-crisis when we woke up Friday morning and Iyla was suddenly a good inch too tall to wear her outfit (she is growing SO quickly!) – Thankfully, little sister is just a size behind her, so we pulled a quick switch and Viv wore Iyla’s outfit, Iyla wore Viv’s outfit and all was good. (Ok, tears were involved and we had to allow Vivi to wear a stack full of bracelets and eat a cookie for breakfast; but by the time we left for the parade, it really was all good!)

If you’re here for the fashion, here’s our “What We Wore – Fourth of July Parade Edition”
What to wear to the Fourth of July Parade Kids Style

Tell Me – Who wore “Daydream Believers” this weekend? Post a picture on Facebook or tag me on Instagram
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