Let’s Have Coffee and Catch UP

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged on a regular schedule, I truly miss chatting with y’all! I wish I could call you up, invite you over for coffee and spend an afternoon catching up! How about a virtual coffee date?

If you (really) came over, my girls would run to the door to meet you! They are sure to give you a big ‘ol hug and greet you with excitement, stories, and new toys/artwork that you have to see. E will probably be in my arms, he’s a little shy, so he’ll probably just watch quietly until he warms up… then you better be ready to play cars/ball/chase the dog because that sweet boy loves to run and play!

In the midst  of you being (lovingly) swarmed by my crew, I will fix us each a coffee and offer you a snack. I will use the snack to lure my kids off of your lap and distract them just enough that you and I can chat a little.

I will ask about you. I will want to know how you are feeling and what you’ve been up to.
I hope you have joyful things to share. That you are feeling well. That your life is happy.

I will tell you that we had a wonderful Summer. That it passed by too quickly.
That the highlights were the days spent with my family.
Traveling to the ocean. Strawberry picking.  Street fairs and farmers markets.
Reading by the pool. Taking the kids to the beach. Erin & Matt’s wedding.
Daydream Believers Designs a Life and Style Blog for Families

I’d tell you about Iyla’s week of vocal camp; and how I admire her bravery and spirit so much.
How awesome it was to watch her on that stage. How much she has taught me about life.
I will joyfully show you the videos and we’ll probably gush about how special these kids are.
Daydream Believers Designs. Life and Style Blog for Families

I’ll freshen up your coffee and tell you about my first art fair.
How anxious I felt.
How I thought about quitting too many times.
How  I struggled with myself; letting self doubt creep in and falling short of my own crazy expectations.
I’ll tell you how I prayed. How I pushed myself. How glad I am that I did.
Daydream Believers Boutique Art Fair Display
I’ll tell you that the Market was a smashing success. I was blown away by the response to my clothing!
As on an online retailer; my contact with clients is limited – getting to meet local moms and chat with them was so, SO fun! I enjoyed meeting many new people; clients and makers alike.

I’d tell you that I nearly sold out in the first 3 hours and by the end of the day, I had just one dress left.
I’d tell you that it was AWESOME!

I’d tell you how grateful I was that so many local clients and friends came out to see me.
I’d tell you how I couldn’t have done the Market without my sister. Spending the day with her was the best.
I’d tell you how the support of my husband and mom, and the enthusiasm of my girls, strengthened me.
I’d tell you that sometimes, we have to push ourselves so that we can do BIG (awesome) things!
Daydream Believers Boutique Craft Show Booth

We’d laugh about how much we had to chat about, and promise to not let as much time pass.
We’d sip the last of drops of our drinks, I’d walk you to the door and give you a big ol’ hug.

Until next time…

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  1. I love this! Your clothing and fabric choices are so unique that I'm not surprised!


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