STYLE FILE FRIDAY:: Happy Halloween Edition

“Well, another Halloween has come and gone”
--Charlie Brown, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Happy Halloween! It was the coldest Halloween I can remember, but we didn’t let that slow us down!
We celebrated with family at my sister and brother-in-law’s Halloween Party. The kids had a blast playing games and eating sweets before heading out to hunt for candy! By trick-or-treat time the temps had dropped to 35 degrees, the wind was whipping, and freezing-sleet was pouring down (eek!) – SO, we bundled up like the good Midwesterners we are, and made the best of it! Here a few photos from our Halloween…

Iyla, the bat:
Halloween Recap on - Handmade DIY Bat Costume #halloween

Vivian, as a famous singer disguised as the Wicked Witch:
Halloween Recap on - Handmade DIY Wicked Witch Costume #halloween

Ethan as Dracula:  ((Sweet boy is constantly in motion, lol!))
Halloween Recap on  #halloween

My adorable niece, Lia, as a fancy pumpkin:
Halloween Recap on - Girls Pumpkin Costume #halloween

Monica, Eric and Lia - LOVED their costumes!
Halloween Recap on - Handmade Ghost and Frankenstein Costumes #halloween

SO much fun!
Halloween Recap on  #halloween  Family Party DIY Costumes Snacks and Games

How cute is this “bowling” game? My sister hand painted each can –SO great!
Halloween Recap on  #halloween Games for Kids

I’m glad my sis snapped this picture for us before the kids put their snowsuits on, haha!
Halloween Recap on  #halloween
Our Family, 2014: Dracula, Batman, Batgirl, Wicked Witch and Bat.

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