My First Etsy Order

Le Sigh… It’s Monday, our entire house is sick and I didn’t photograph any new pieces to feature today, so, I’m throwing it back to the Summer of 2010 and sharing a personal memory this Monday…

Friends, this was the VERY first Etsy order I ever shipped! I get butterflies just thinking about it!
That order, a red tutu with embellished lady bug tee and a ladybug hair bow, went to Katy, Texas.

I remember opening my Etsy shop on a whim and uploading photos of Vivian’s 1st birthday outfit as a “practice listing” while I figured out how to navigate the website. I will never forget the surprise/excitement I felt when I received the notification that I had an order! Pure shock y’all! Someone, a stranger at that, had entrusted me to create a birthday outfit for their child; wow! I was terrified and honored all at once. To be completely honest with you, I still feel a blend of honor and fear everytime someone entrusts me to create for their child. This is not a job I take lightly. Designing for your children has always been my sincere privilege.

Mompreneur Quote M Nordstrom of Daydream Believers Designs

I was in my bedroom/office/sewing space when I got the notification; at that time we still lived in our 1,000 sq ft house and as a family of four, every room was a multipurpose room, ha! I quickly printed out the order and ran (literally) down the hall into the living room to tell Craig the news. He asked me twice if I was sure that it was for real, ha! At that time, Etsy was still new, unchartered, we had no idea how “REAL” this venue actually was. On that night, we had no way of predicting that nearly six years later I’d be here, with hundreds of pieces in my portfolio, a que of orders waiting to be fulfilled, and a waitlist for custom designs.

Growing this company is a joy and I have many of you to thank for that.
Have a blessed week!
xx M

PS, I’m considering adding a segment to the blog where I will reflect on the early days of starting my company and share my personal experiences of building my business as a homeschooling, mom of three. If you’re interested in reading more about my experience as a mompreneur, please give me a like or leave a comment. xx

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