Sunday Lately.1 The one where I Join In

This week I’m joining in on “SUNDAY LATELY” – a weekly writing challenge where a group of fab bloggers all respond to the same prompts and share a little glimpse into the last week of life. This week’s themes:
 Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

- - -

:: Updating ::
Updating the way I list new DAYDREAM BELIEVERS items (yay!) Instead of sporadic sales and pre-orders, I’m going back to a ready-to-ship collections and limited runs.  The goal is to upload new pieces every 4-6 weeks. Each upload will be themed/have coordinating pieces. These pieces will be mostly OOAK and ready to ship. I will offer some designs on a small-scale – where three or four people can order the piece in the size of their choice. This new format will give me more creative liberty with my uploads, more time for taking custom orders, and will give y’all a chance to know in advance what is coming up. I think it’ll be great! Look for the switch to happen in May when I reopen the Daydream Believers Designs storefront.

:: Remembering ::
Remembering that Spring Fever is REAL! These last weeks of the school year are LONG! I remember feeling it every year as a student, then again as a public school teacher, and now as a homeschool mom. The weather is getting warmer and my girls’ attention spans have dwindled. While I’d love to say I am full of energy; the reality is, it’s been a long year, we’ve done a lot of work, and we’re all ready for Summer break! So, we’re taking it day by day, making more time for fun reading, enjoying daily walks to the river, and counting down the days ‘til we leave for the beach!

:: Needing ::
Needing to pack for our girl’s trip!

:: Wearing ::
Wearing sandals for the first time this year, yay!

:: Being ::
Being grateful for everyday miracles! Friends, we had a close encounter yesterday. One of those isolated instances that make you pause and remember how close angels are. Yesterday, when my sister picked the girls up from play practice, they had an accident in the parking lot. Sweet Viv shut her hand in the car door. Bless. She pulled the door shut in such a way that it jammed, slamming her hand inside. My sister acted fast and thankfully was able to pry the door open. With the screaming and tears (from everyone in the car) Monica was expecting the very worst. She was prepared for blood, for cut limbs, for severe damage. But, by the grace of God, my little girl’s hand was freed from the door completely uninjured. Not even a scratch. It was amazing! When Monica told me what had happened, my heart about exploded. God is SO good!

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