Style File. A Birthday Outfit Retrospective

Sweet Viv Elaine turned seven this week. Seven! My precious girl is pure JOY! Everyone who knows and loves her will tell you the same. She is a blessing to us all.

Vivian was a baby when I started sewing. Her first birthday outfit was the first design I posted in my Etsy shop, and the first piece I ever sold! For today’s STYLE FILE – I’m sharing personal photos from each of Vivian’s birthdays. It’s a joy to know my girl has celebrated all of her birthdays in a mama-made outfit!

Ladybug First Birthday Outfit by Daydream Believers DesignsIce Cream Social Birthday Outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsFancy Tea Party Garden Party Birthday Outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsHandmade Butterfly Birthday Dress by Daydream Believers DesignsPink and Purple Unicorn Birthday Tutu outfit Handmade by Daydream Believers DesignsTropical Mermaid Luau Birthday Dress Handmade by Daydream Believers Designs
Luau Birthday Dress for Girls by Daydream Believers Designs


  1. Lovely! What a cool idea! I think I'll have to do this for my kids. Although theirs aren't mama made, but some of their Christmas outfits have been. Happy birthday to your lovely miss. X

    1. Thanks Kat! It's always fun to look back at birthday and holiday photos and see how much the littles have grown and changed.

  2. Anonymous5/16/2016

    Hii, Vivian you are looking so cute on all those pics. The idea of your mumma from your first birthday to seventh birthday is showing how much she loves you. You are looking like princess in all your dresses made by your mumma. Michelle, Thanks to share all your daughter birthday Blass with us.

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