Sunday Lately.2 The One Where We Visit The Beach

This week I’m participating in “SUNDAY LATELY” – a weekly writing challenge where a group of fab bloggers all respond to the same prompts and share a little glimpse into the last week of life. This week’s themes:
 Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling
- - -

:: Completing ::
I am working on completing my LONG to-do list before we leave for our girl’s trip this week. I’m just entering into this next phase of parenting, where my girls are old enough to really help with the vacation prep; it’s awesome! I used to worry that I’d never be ready to move past the baby-days, but I am loving this stage. The baby is almost three and the big girls are prepping to jet off for a few days with me at the beach; what a JOY!

:: Visiting ::
This week, I’m visiting South Carolina. Our home away from home. Bring on the sunshine!

:: Repeating ::
It’s too easy to caught up in the bustle of the days. To rush through the everyday moments that ultimately shape our lives. I am constantly repeating to myself “BE PRESENT” – I want joyfully experience each day and never lose sight that there is wonderful joy ahead.

:: Writing ::
I’m writing…
Journal entries for my May babies.
Love notes for C to find while we’re away.
Lesson Plans for our last month of Homeschool.
Blog posts for y’all.

:: Scheduling ::
I’m currently scheduling the next RTS limited edition upload! Save the date: May 24th! I’ll have several pieces available in a variety of ready to ship sizes and a few custom listings too!
Daydream Believers Designs. Timeless Fashion for Modern Dreamers

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us this Sunday! Safe travels and enjoy your girls weekend. What part of SC are you headed to? My grandmother has lived there all her life and has been living in Murrell's Inlet for the past 17 years. We always spent summers where with her, so it has a special place in my heart too.

    1. What a wonderful way to spend your Summers, Meghan! Murrell's Inlet is beautiful! We will be in Myrtle Beach :)


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