Cooking With Kids. Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake

My kids love to create in the kitchen. Last year, we experimented with creating our own freezer cakes. Today I’m sharing our recipe for a no-bake ice cream cake.With just 3 ingredients, this treat is EASY for the kids to make! When you need a break from the heat, head to the kitchen and give this cake a try!

You will need six Oreo cookies, one cup of cool whip, and 12 ice cream sandwiches.

Easy DIY Ice Cream Cake Tutorial Recipe Instructions

Start by crushing the cookies into crumbs (my girls LOVED doing this!) – then mix the crumbs with one cup of cool whip and start building!

On a parchment paper lined tray, lay four icecream sandwiches to form a rectangle, then cover with a thin layer of the cool whip/cookie mixture, repeat a second sandwich layer, top with another cool whip layer, then add a third sandwich layer. Once the third layer is in place, completely cover the cake with the remaining cool whip mixture – just like you’re frosting a cake.  Place the tray in the freezer to set, and in 2-3 hours, your cake will be ready to slice and your kids will be totally impressed that y’all made it yourselves!  Have fun! xx

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