Festive Food for Halloween–3 DIY Menus!

To know my family is to know, we’ll throw a party for just about anything, because life is awesome and should be celebrated. When the holidays roll around, our family calendar is jammed with fun outings and festive family traditions. One of our favorite October traditions has to be “Gigi’s Outrageous October Lunches” – each week in October, my mom prepares an awesome, Halloween themed luncheon for the kids. Her creations are spectacularly fun! Another family tradition that my kids look forward to each month is Movie Night! I love hosting movie nights and planning a full themed menu to accompany our film. It’s easy to see, I get it from my mama! Ha! 

Today, I’m sharing some fun DIY Halloween foods for you to try. I know Pinterest is full of fabulous over-the-top Halloween food and treats, but I also know that most of us will pin a dozen ideas and never actually make them. So all of the ideas I am sharing here are real dishes that we actually prepared and served at real events. I’m sharing my personal pics along with some DIY tips we’ve learned along the way.


Event One: Candy Corn Pizza Party
Candy Corn Halloween Treats Fun Lunch FoodHealthy Halloween Treats Fun Fruit Cups and Candy Corn PunchHalloween Fun Lunch Food ideas

Pizza :: made using a large “take and bake” pizza from Sams club and layering slices of cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pepperonis to look like candy corn stripes.
Candy Corn Fruit Cups :: In a clear cup, stack chopped pineapple, mandarin oranges and a dollop of whipped cream to create these adorable and healthy Halloween treats!
Candy Corn Punch :: Start with a clear pitcher FULL of ice, pour orange soda to fill 1/3 of the pitcher, then add yellow Gatorade to fill 1/3 of the pitcher, then lemonade flavor Smart Water to the top the final 1/3 of the pitcher. There are many recipes for this punch, the soda/Gatorade/smart_water combo worked well for us! The key is to have the drinks stacked by sugar content, with the sweetest drink on the bottom, the next sweetest in the middle, and the least sugary drink on the top.
Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes, candy corn popcorn (from our local candy store) and regular ‘ol candy corn completed this fun lunch.

Event Two: Silly Witches Feast
While my kids LOVE festive, they will not eat anything too gory! So the witches feast is a lighthearted one!Halloween Soup Lunch Idea. CUTE Witch luncheonHealthy Halloween Treat. Simply DIY FrankengrapesEasy DIY Halloween Punch for kidsChocolate Covered Witches Fingers! Fun Halloween TreatPBJ Ghosts for Halloween Lunch

Broccoli cheese soup topped with a black cat crouton :: The cat was made by cutting a slice of pumpernickel bread with a small, cat cookie cutter and toasting in the toaster oven.
Franken-grapes :: Start with a clear cup, doodle Frank’s hair and mouth with a sharpie, stick on tiny eyes (these are edible eyes attached with food gel), and fill with green grapes.
Witches Brew: Seven up soda with a scoop of green sherbet, topped with orange sprinkles and a gummy worm
Witches fingers: Chocolate covered pretzel rods – the green candy melts were bought at Target and the tiny “finger nails” were scrappy cuts of foot-by-the-foot.
Black Cat Brownies & PBJ ghosts :: It’s amazing what a cookie cutter can do for a fun lunch! Winking smile

Event Three: Hotel Transylvania Movie Night
Hosting dinner and a movie is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening! I try to host one party a month, but it becomes a weekly affair during the holiday season, because let’s face it, there are SO many great Halloween and Christmas movies, I simply can’t choose!

This week’s featured film was Hotel Transylvania; it’s a year round favorite of ours, but makes a perfect not-so-spooky Halloween movie too!
Hotel Transylvania Movie Night.Easy Halloween Pizza Dinner!Halloween VAMPIRE drink for kids. SO fun!It's all about cute presentation, lol! Spooky salad for halloween dinner!Easy to DIY Mummy juice pouches. So cute for Halloween lunch!Semi Homemade! Fun Halloween treats made from packaged lunch cakes! LOVE!

Scream Cheese Pizza : I started with “Take and Bake” pizzas from our local bakery, while the pizzas were baking, I cut mozzarella cheese slices into ghosts using a cookie cutter. When there was just one minute of baking time left, I added the ghosts to the top of the pizza.
Monstercolli : good ol’ pasta in a meat sauce served in a bowl with a monster hand inside.
Drac’s Blood Punch : fruit punch blend, served in clear cups with vampire teeth embellishments
Green Stuff: Salad served in a fun bowl with claw salad servers bought at Walmart.
Monster Mash Cakes : A variety of packaged lunch cakes embellished with edible eyes & food gel faces.
Ooh, and we had Plain Ol’ Chips because in the movie, Johnathon is a sweet character that is out of place in the hotel full of monsters; I won’t spoil the show for you, but the bright yellow bag of plain Lays just reminded me of Johnny.

2017-10-12 20.33.47
During the movie, the kids munched on popcorn & gummy worms served in bat cups and drank juice boxes that I decorated to look like mummys! The cups and juices pouches were SO easy to make! They would be great to take to school parties too! My advice: make the front of the pouch (the part where you insert the straw) the BACK of the mummy to keep it functional.

If you’d like more how-to-details on any of these recipes or projects, please comment below. xx

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