Skater Boy Birthday Shirts

Two of my favorite little guys will be celebrating their birthdays this month and I was SO happy to make them both a one of a kind tee to commemorate their big days!

Their mom wanted their shirts to have a laid-back “skater boy” vibe. She provided me with the blank tees and showed me a cute printed thermal that she bought to layer under one of the tees. She wanted the boys to coordinate but not match. I sketched out a few options before settling on creating unique applique tees.

Mr. Jaiden’s shirt will be layered over the printed thermal, so I didn’t want the print on the tee to be too busy.
Jaiden is in kindergarten so he will be celebrating his birthday with his classmates at school; I know first hand how EXCITED kindergarteners get when it is their birthday! They want everyone they see to know that it is their special day! So I made sure that Jaiden’s shirt clearly displayed that he is turning SIX and that ROCKS!

skater boy 6th birthday shirt
Little Jaxon is turning 3, which is SO hard to believe because I swear, this little man was just turning one!
This year, Jaxon is celebrating his birthday at the Monster Jam Truck Show! Jaxon is an absolute doll who likes to get into mischief but has such an angel face, you can’t help but let him! ;)  When I think about the boys at a monster truck show; I can totally picture Jaxon getting into a little mud – and looking absolutely adorable!
So for his special shirt, I first created and sewed on the handcut applique 3, then I painted “Monster Truck tracks” across the whole shirt! This was my first time painting on fabric this way and I am so excited with the results!

I think that both tees are pretty cool and I know the boys will have a blast in them at their birthday celebrations!


  1. These are adorable!! Those boys are going to feel so special wearing them on their big day! You're so creative! :)

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