Tutorial: How to make an easy knit headwrap–for FREE

My little queen bees are BUSY girls! They spend their days in constant motion: playing, swimming, dancing…
Our go-to hair accessory for comfortably maintaining neat hair, while still looking stylish, is a wrap headband.
My Iyla Rue has been rockin’ the head wraps since before she could walk! They are her absolute FAV!

Wear one with a top knot, with a pony, or with hair au’ natural; no matter how you style it –
you and your little lady will love the look of these wraps!
Want to know a secret? These wraps are EASY to make! Seriously, EASY!
*AND* You can make one for FREE… or very close to it!  Here’s the scoop:

how to make a knit headwrap head band free tutorial from daydream believers

Materials:Lightweight, stretchy knit scraps
Needle & Thread or Sewing machine (Optional)Directions:Cut two identical strips of knit fabric. You can use any stretchy knit material!
Old tee shirts, tights, or leggings all work great! Or you can purchase a small amount of knit fabric from your favorite fabric store. You will need two pieces 3 inches wide and cut to your desired length
(36 inches works great for my girls!)

Step One:Holding one end in each hand, wrap both strands of your fabric around your little lady’s head

Step Two:Criss cross your fabric…

Step Three:
Wrap the ends around to the back of her head, and tie them in a tight knot. Ta-Da! That is all you have to do! :)

But…If you would like your new headband to keep it’s great shape, grab a needle and thread or head to your
sewing machine!
Gently slip the wrap off of your little lady’s head, holding tightly to all four layers of the front, center, of the band.
Using a wide, zig-zag stitch, sew a straight line across all four layers to secure them. Yay! All Done!

I LOVE to see what you create! If you make a head wrap (or 2… or 12) using this tutorial,
PLEASE share some pics! Add #daydreambelievers to your instagram pictures :: tag me on IG
( daydreambelievers_ ) :: or ::  post a picture to  the DBD facebook page and share the lovelies that you create!

This tutorial is for personal use only. Please do not sell pieces created with this tutorial for profit.
Please DO use this tutorial and make comfy, stylish head wraps for all your favorite queen bees! xx

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