In my family, we LOVE Halloween!
Dressing up in handmade costumes is a tradition I look forward to every year.
The last few years have been extra special for me, as Iyla and Vivian have chosen their own costumes.
They love dressing up all year round and have such creative, imaginative spirits;
it’s a joy for me to make their visions a reality. They have been “Fancy Pumpkins” –
An Apple Tree – A Silly Clown – A penguin – An Owl – A Ladybug - A Lion.
This year, Viv has chosen to be a unicorn and Iyla chose to be the tooth fairy.
They both have very specific plans for their costumes and I am SO excited to create these fun costumes for them!

Here’s a peek at the drawing Viv gave me outlining her plan for her costume…
photo (6)
Gotta love a girl with vision! ;)

:: Tell Me :: What are your littles dressing up as this Halloween?


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