Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say it's all right

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Last weekend was my “Mother’s Blessing” - It was, hands down, one of the most precious days of my life.

If you’re not familiar, a Mothers Blessing (or Blessings Brunch as we called it) is a twist on a Blessingway; where a group of women who are special to the mom-to-be, come together to celebrate this special time in life and to help the mother-to-be prepare, emotionally and spiritually, for the arrival of her baby.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, my health situation caused a lot of fear amongst my family and friends. It’s still difficult to put into words the turmoil I’ve dealt with these last few months. Great JOY combined with terrible anxiety. I am grateful to have a wonderful support system. Truly, the best family and friends.

My Mom hosted my Mothers Blessing; she knows me so well and created a peaceful afternoon with that was EXACTLY what I needed! We ate yummy brunch foods and sweet desserts. It was wonderful!

If you’re thinking of hosting a Mothers Blessings Brunch of your own, I encourage you to do it!
Motherhood is such a gift. Gathering with my closest friends to pray and celebrate this special time was a JOY beyond words.

Here’s a break down of the party details to help you in planning a Blessings Brunch of your own:

LOCATION: My brunch was held at home, this was perfect as I’m 8 months pregnant and am most comfortable at home. The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed. For me, it was the first time since returning from the hospital that I had all my friends together in my home and I just LOVED having them there to talk and laugh with; it was intimate and normal in a way I needed.

DECORATIONS: Decorations were simple and very personal; framed scriptures/quotes that have been special to me throughout this pregnancy, crisp white vases filled with fresh white flowers were placed all over the house – representing purity and peace, and our chalkboard was decorated with “Here Comes The Sun” – this was a personal touch that makes me tear up a little. I’m a music lover and the lyrics to “Here Comes The Sun” speak volumes to me right now. Especially since I’ll soon be welcoming my Son.

As a fun touch to the d├ęcor, my mom incorporated BOY toys and gifts for the baby (ex: a Robot bank near a flower vase and a submarine tub caddy as a card box) – seeing all the fun BOY toys was wonderful! Baby Boy will be the first boy born to our family in TWENTY years; so it’s awesome to see “Boy Stuff” around the house.

FOOD: Bite size, mini portions of brunch foods: Club Sandwiches, Yogurt Parfaits, Fresh Fruit, Mini Muffins, Deviled Eggs, Hummus & Pitas, lots of fresh veggies and a variety of Desserts (cookies, crepes, mini-pies, and tarts) from a local Bakery.  Drinks were punch, coffee, teas, and champagne-mimosas.

ACTIVITIES: The main event of the Brunch was creating a birthing necklace. It was so special. The necklace is designed to be worn during birth to serve as a reminder of the love and support I receive from so many powerful women. Guests were encouraged to bring a bead to add to the necklace that they felt represented me/motherhood/our-friendship. My mom also had a large selection of beads at the Brunch that guests could chose from. We sat around the living room as the necklace passed from one lady to the next. Each guest added their bead and shared the story of how she is connected to me, how our friendship/relationship has helped and influence her, and what her wishes (blessings) or wisdoms are for me. It was incredible to listen to my favorite ladies talking about their own journeys into Motherhood and their experiences (some sweet, some hilarious!) with mothering boys. It is a beautiful reminder of how special these ladies are and how wonderfully blessed I am to have them all in my life.

Guests also took turns Guessing Baby’s Birthday. My daughters worked with my mom to create a large calendar that spanned 8 weeks surrounding baby’s due date. My girls visited with every guest at the shower and made sure everyone picked a date. Dates were “claimed” by stamping a sweet set of baby blue foot prints (stamp from Hobby Lobby) and signing their names. The big sisters are responsible for keeping track of the guesses and will be sending out a “prize pack” to the lucky winner, once baby is born.

Another activity, in lieu of a guest book, there was a blank puzzle and every guest decorated a piece. After the party we assembled the puzzle and it turned out to be a sweet keepsake for baby. The blank puzzle came from Hobby Lobby (in the kids’ crafts section) and was easily decorated with Sharpie markers.

Near the end of the brunch, I lit a beautiful candle and guests took turns sharing prayers and reading poems and quotes about Motherhood. My mom gave each guest a small candle and asked that they light the candle when they are informed that I am in labor and that they leave it lit until the baby arrives. So simple, yet so meaningful. The idea of all of these wonderful, strong, beautiful woman lighting their candles and praying for Baby and I as he enters the world brings me a great sense of peace. What a beautiful way to welcome this baby to the world!

Here are a few snapshots from the day:
Celebrating Baby with at Blessings Brunch via Daydream Believers
Hosting a blessing brunch baby shower at home via Daydream Believers. DIY Ideas for food decorations and activities
This was one of the most precious days of my life. A beautiful reminder of how lucky I am!
Be well! xx M

UPDATE: I’ve received some inquires about the sign at the beginning of this post. I designed it myself and am happy to share it! This image is a jpeg file - just right click and save to your computer! I uploaded the image to CVS and printed it as an 8x10 - it looked great! Enjoy!
baby print 1

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