Dinosaur First Birthday at home

We celebrated Ethan Rex’s first birthday with a little shindig at home in our back yard. It was a HOT day for May and we were all thrilled to be out outside, playing and celebrating our favorite little guy.

Modern Dinosaur 1st Birthday Party Decor

diy first birthday chalkboard art printed at staples
I created this birthday poster (for free!) using picmonkey and printed it for $3 at Staples.

Modern Dinosaur first birthday party decorations

rex's first birthday

I styled the party using toys/decor from Ethan’s room, handmade signs and banners, and paper products from partyexpress.com. I usually “shop my house” before every event to see what I have on hand that can be incorporated into the decor. From there, I create any pieces that I have envisioned that cannot be bought and simply buy the rest. When it comes to styling kids parties, I’ve learned simple is best.

E’s cake was created by a local baker, Nancy of Cakes by Nancy. It was as tasty as it was beautiful!

For activities, we had a dinosaur egg toss (aka, big water balloon toss), played “dinosaur stomp” and made fossil handprints. To play dinosaur stomp, I used sidewalk chalk to draw a large, looping track across the driveway, every 6-7 feet I marked an activity (stomp like a dinosaur, creep backwards, run quickly) that the kids would do until they reached the next point on the track. Ooh, and to make the fossils, I flattened small balls of Crayola Model Magic on to a cake plate, then helped each child to press their hand into the clay. The clay air dried quickly in the heat and the kids were left with a really neat memento to take home from the party.

As always, I share these snaps of our day to inspire your next shindig. It’s all about creating special memories with your kids. If you have any questions/want more party details, please email or comment below.



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