Handmade Halloween Costumes

It’s October 1st y’all! That means we can officially start talking about costumes! Yay!
Around here, we start scheming Halloween Costumes in July, but now that it’s October, our costume love is not taboo. My family has always been BIG on costumes! We all dress up, every year. Some years we have a group theme, but most years everyone is free to do their own thing. My girls take choosing a Halloween costume VERY seriously! I think that they know there is (almost) no limit to what we will do for a good costume.

To get us excited for costume season, here’s a look back at the last seven years of costumes. Most are homemade, some are semi-homemade, and a few are straight up store-bought; good times were had in all.

Last year, 2013. Iyla was the tooth fairy and Vivian was a unicorn. These are my current FAVORITE costumes, mainly because the kids designed these pieces themselves.
Halloween Handmade Tooth Fairy Costume DIY Unicorn Costume

2012 :: The girls looked sweet as ever in their blinged-out pumpkin costumes. Cutest pumpkins in the patch!
Halloween Handmade Girl Pumpkin Costume with Glitter Headband

2011 :: Sigh! Remember that time Iyla wanted to be an apple tree?! Only Iyla! Sweet girl made up her mind months before Halloween that she was going to be “an apple tree with glittery red apples” –  Wish granted.
Viv was the cutest.clown.ever. Am I right?  C & I had a blast as Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf.
Halloween Handmade Family Costumes DIY Boutique Girly Clown Apple Tree Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume diy

2010 :: This year was COLD outside! Thankfully, their penguin and owl costumes kept them toasty.
Handmade Penguin and Owl costume for girls easy DIY

The favorite costumes that year went to me and my hubs though; we surprised everyone at the party by dressing (and behaving!) like Craig and Michelle of the future. I wish I could find video from  that night; I assure you our senior citizen years are going to be a riot!
Halloween Quick and Easy DIY Couple Costumes Old Married Couple Seniors Future Self
* The only things purchased were the fake cigar, gray paint, and cane… I worry what that says about our wardrobes! Ha!

2009 :: Store bought. Simple. Adorable. Iyla as a “silly witch” and Vivian as a lady bug.
Costume idea for babywearing Moms – I dressed as Pocahontas and wore V in a carrier. To keep her warm I wrapped the carrier in cozy faux fur fabric; It accented the costume perfectly and kept Vivian comfy all night.
Halloween Witch and Lady Bug Costume Baby wearing Halloween costume idea

2008 :: Have you ever seen such a beautiful Lion?Halloween Baby Lion Costume

2007 :: Iyla was just weeks old for her first Halloween. She celebrated in head to toe Halloween clothing. C rocked the party as a pirate and I was a fairy. This costume was thrown together, but eh, I was 4 weeks post partum, and my hubs was sweet enough to shop at Party City the night before Halloween. That is love. Halloween Semi Handmade Pirate Costume for Men

This year, we ladies are dressing up as witches and little E is going to be a dinosaur (I think).  For the last year, I was planning on Ethan being The World’s Strongest Man (I even started crafting a felt barbell for him to carry around!) – then I kept envisioning him as an adorable little Max, from Where The Wild Things Are… but, he is our little Rex and he does a fierce roar; so a dinosaur it is (I think!).
Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

Tell me, has your family chose costumes yet? Do you make them yourself or do you buy them?

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  1. What great and fun costume choices! We usually do store bought since while I can sew doll clothing, big girl clothing is a little too much for me. Sophie decides months ahead of time, but Bella is last minute all the way. Currently Sophie is going to be some type of fairy (last year it was a construction fairy) and Bella wants to be Minnie Mouse. We'll see...


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